La chulanga (Spanish Edition)

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Product Features
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Quantity: 1
  • Publication date: 2009-09-14
  • Publisher: Plaza Janés
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La chulanga (Spanish Edition)
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Product Description
"Chulanga" is an intimate journal between the author and her alter ego, a dialogue that involves equally all of us; a journey through emotions, the sublimation of love, the erotic self and its disenchanting... there is where the magic of Nora Emilia's pen resides: nobody knows where she begins, neither where their character continues and even less, where do oneself ends. "The author of these delicious narrations drives us to listen after the paper walls, and doing this, there is no one who can resist the curiosity to peek through the eye of the lock to cruelly discover that it's not her, but oneself, the main character of each one of her stories. This is a mirror of multiple reflections where we all succumb to the fine fabric of that complicated net of passions that inhabits us, an entire kaleidoscope of emotions." La Chulanga es un diario íntimo entre la autora y su álter ego, un diálogo que nos involucra a todos por igual; un recorrido de emociones, la sublimación del amor, el yo erótico y al mismo tiempo su desencanto... ahí radica la magia de la pluma de Nora Emilia: nadie sabe dónde empieza ella, ni dónde prosigue su personaje y menos, dónde finaliza uno mismo. ""La autora de estas deliciosas narraciones nos conduce a escuchar tras los muros de papel, y al hacerlo no hay quien resista la curiosidad por atisbar a través del ojo de la cerradura para descubrir cruentamente que no es ella, sino uno mismo, el protagonista de cada uno de sus relatos. Un espejo de múltiples reflejos donde todos sucumbimos al tejido fino de esa compleja red de pasiones que nos habitan, todo un caleidoscopio de emociones.""

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