Dent Out Cone Set Ding Repair Kit

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Format: Automotive Parts and Accessories
Imported: USA
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Product Features
  • Simple and cost effective
  • Safe for any factory paint jobs
  • Easy to use
  • Use only on OEM baked finishes.
  • Safe for factory finish
  • Quantity: 10
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Dent Out Cone Set Ding Repair Kit
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Product Description
This easy to use, inexpensive Glue Puller Kit allows for simple, cost efficient removal of small to medium dents/dings on all panels of your vehicle. More and more, light gauge sheet metal is being used in the construction of vehicles. You can actually dent many new cars by simply leaning against them. Dent Out Glue puller kits allow the do-it-yourselfers, a professional option to expensive dent removal services. No need to access the underside of the panel. Each unique kit offers a tool for specific damage. With three kits available, they encompass all types of dent repair. Simply apply a bead of glue to the pulling nib and affix the nib to the lowest area of the dent. The tool slips over the threaded stud. A wing nut tool is threaded down pulling the metal up. Once the dent is pulled out, a couple of drops of release agent is applied to the glue and the pulling nib comes right off. Use only on OEM baked finishes. This product will not damage your factory finish

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