Stem-Intense - Muscle Builder (Dramatically Reduces Recovery Time) Aquatic Algae

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Product Features
  • Quick - Starts working within an hour of consumption
  • Lasts - Continues working up to 24 hours after consumption
  • Effective - Uses new technology to grow muscle up to 4 X faster
  • Incredibly effective for muscle soreness and pain relief. Also works well for arthritis and general inflammation related discomfort!
  • Natural and Safe - No harmful ingredients, no side effects, and Active ingredient extracted from aquatic algae!
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Stem-Intense - Muscle Builder (Dramatically Reduces Recovery Time) Aquatic Algae
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Product Description
Stem-Intense© is an all natural supplement made from a unique extract found in certain types of aquatic algae along with a proprietary mix of vitamins, amino acids and proteins. After ingesting just a few milligrams of Stem-Intense©, your body gets flooded with approximately 400 times the normal amount of adult stem cells, cells that can become just about any cell in your body. When you work out, your body repairs the damaged muscle, and usually has to build them from scratch out of amino acids and other building blocks. Stem-Intense© speeds up the process by allowing the free-flowing stem cells to immediately begin becoming new muscle cells and adding to your muscle bulk. clinical trials done by an independent 3rd party have proven that the active ingredient in Stem-Intense© can build damaged tissue like muscle up to 300 times faster that the body normally can without these building blocks!

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