Vitiligo P142 Re-pigmentation Therapy Serum. A Pc-kus- Pseudocatalase/natural Catalase Long Life Stabilized Formulation. A Two Step Treatment. Expedited Shipping Available.

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Product Features
  • A pseudocatalase /catalase melanin stimulant. Requires activation by UVB phototherapy . (See Directions)
  • A clear, colorless, serum
  • 120 ml.
  • To maximize the benefits of Vitiligo P142 it should be used in conjunction with UVB phototherapy. A system such as the Viaguard UVB system is clinically designed for this purpose. It delivers UVB rays at the required 3141 nanometers wavelength, has a timer, and is of professional quality but easy to use at home. 2 minutes of exposure on affected areas, 3 times a week, is a good starting point. Hold the light about 7-10 inches from the skin initially, and this distance can be decreased about an inch a week until down to 2 inches. Follow the instructions that come with the UVB lamp.
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Vitiligo P142 Re-pigmentation Therapy Serum. A Pc-kus- Pseudocatalase/natural Catalase Long Life Stabilized Formulation. A Two Step Treatment. Expedited Shipping Available.
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Product Description
Vitiligo P142 The usual symptom of vitiligo is depigmentation of patches of skin on the extremities. Vitiligo is non-contagious, affects all races both sexes, and has a genetic component. Recent extensive research indicates that elevated levels of hydrogen peroxide and low catalase activity play a significant role in the causative factors of vitiligo. Vitiligo P142 utilises both pseudocatalase and an activated form of stabilized catalase to maximise therapeutic action and photosensitivity. A daily application of a few drops on each affected area combined with phototherapy provides the broadest options. The phototherapy treatment will include the recommended UVB exposure plus, if possible, exposure to natural sunlight. Our usage recommendations on the label are for average cases. Your healthcare professional may decide to vary the phototherapy and the frequency of application of Vitiligo P142. Some practitioners may increase the time length of phototherapy and have product applied topically, twice a day, in some cases. Massaging the product into the skin is an important step. It ensures that the pseudocatalase/catalase concentrate is at least partially absorbed by the epidermis and so maximizes the benefits of phototherapy.
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