Luvs With Ultra Leakguards Size 3 Diapers 204 Count

Our Price: R 4,351.00
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Format: Health and Beauty
Imported: USA
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Product Features
  • Package may vary
  • Leakguard Core
  • Stretch Sides
  • Leak Barrier Leg Gathers
  • Cottony soft and fresh smelling
  • Size 3 (16-28 pounds)
  • Quantity: 1
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Luvs With Ultra Leakguards Size 3 Diapers 204 Count
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Product Description
Luvs Diapers with Ultra Leakguards offer Heavy-Dooty protection at an affordable price with a Money Back Guarantee! With stretchy leak barrier leg gathers and an absorbent blue Leakguard Core, Luvs diapers lock wetness away to keep your baby dry and comfortable, even overnight.
Ultra leak protection or affordable price? Choose Luvs and get both!

Luvs diapers with Bear Hug Stretch ™ premium elastic sides and stretchy leg cuffs stretch to help stop leaks. An absorbent blue leakguard core locks away wetness and helps your baby stay dry and comfortable. Choose Luvs and say "YES" to ultra leak protection, "NO" to pricey diapers!

Premium stretch and ultra leak protection for less than the pricey brands Luvs Diaper Sizes: Newborn, 4-10 pounds; Size 1, 8-14 pounds; Size 2, 12 - 18 pounds; Size 3, 16 -28 pounds; Size 4, 22 – 37 pounds; Size 5, more than 27 pounds; Size 6, more than 35 pounds
Bear Hug Stretch Tabs: Premium elastic sides stretch to fit Help stop leaks with Bear Hug Stretch

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