MASH Double Sided Nail Art Plate Stamp and Scraper (Special Introductory Price)

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Product Features
  • Package Includes: 1-Stamp, 1-Scraper
  • Stamper has 2 ends with different sizes stamps.
  • This simple little rubber stamping tool transfers the design from the Image Plate onto your nail with no mess and no fuss.
  • The Scraper is used to ensure that just the right amount of polish is left on the design plate to achieve the best result.
  • Special Introductory Price! Get it while you can!
  • Quantity: 2
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MASH Double Sided Nail Art Plate Stamp and Scraper (Special Introductory Price)
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Product Description
Mash is proud to introduce its brand new nail art stamper and scrapper kit. This unique stamper was designed by the nail art experts at MASH to provide superior comfort and performance to other nail stampers and scrapers while providing a modern aesthetic! Nail stamping is a nail-imprinting technique that lets you put designs by stamping pre-designed images on your nails in minutes. This simple process allows you to apply or change designs any time you want. You can change designs weekly, daily without the hassle of spending hours redoing your nails. The MASH nail art stamp and scrapper can achieve delicate and beautiful results never before achieve by hand painting. Do it yourself in just minutes at home, at a friend's house or anywhere you want. This stamper and scraper is so portable you won't even notice you have it on you. You can put designs not only on your nails but on mobile phone, earrings, pendant, bracelet, gift box, watches, calculators, clocks, sunglasses or any surface of your choice. With MASH stamped nail art you can create perfect, professional nail designs at a fraction of the time and money, just like a professional nail artist ... or even better. It's neat and easy and fun!!!

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