Bontempi - Saxophone

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Imported: USA
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Product Features
  • For the budding musician - a silver saxophone for your home orchestra or marching band
  • This toy saxophone by Bontempi has 8 keys and can play a scale and the keys are color coded so children can play songs that are printed on the back of the box
  • The toy saxophone is plastic and has a shiny silver finish
  • Measures about 16.5" long
  • Fun to play and encourages creative play
  • Languages: Spanish,English,German,French,Italian
  • Quantity: 1
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Bontempi - Saxophone
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Product Description
For the budding musician. This toy Saxophone by Bontempi has four keys that can play four different notes. The keys are color coded so children can play songs found on the back of the box. It is plastic and has a shiny silver finish. It is approximately 16.5" long and is suitable 3 years and up. Everyone at Bontempi believes that all children must be able to bring the magical world of music, play and learning to their lives with the highest quality products. Children are the future. Music contributes to a child's total development and allows for children to creatively express themselves.

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