CROCHET HOOKS SET W/ 3 YARN NEEDLES [UPDATED] SMOOTH & EXTRA LONG SHAFT for Chunky Yarn - ERGONOMIC SOFT GRIP FOR EXTREME COMFORT - Perfect for Arthritic Hands - Fun Bright Colors Sizes 2mm ~ 8mm

CROCHET HOOKS SET W/ 3 YARN NEEDLES [UPDATED] SMOOTH & EXTRA LONG SHAFT for Chunky Yarn - ERGONOMIC SOFT GRIP FOR EXTREME COMFORT - Perfect for Arthritic Hands - Fun Bright Colors Sizes 2mm ~ 8mm

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  • 💖 FROM ONE OF OUR CUSTOMER: I recently ordered some of your ergo hooks from Amazon and received them today. I just want to say thank you. My wife has crocheted for years but she had a couple of strokes a few years ago and could not get her hands to co-operate and it broke my heart to watch her try. She recently picked it back up but was still having a hard time with the regular hooks. I gave her the new hooks today and her eyes lit up. She was like a kid with a new toy. She loves them.
  • 💖 CROCHET PAIN FREE AND WITH COMFORT: Our Ergonomic Soft Handle makes you crochet for hours without feeling pain or cramping. Perfect for Arthritic Hands or those with Carpal Tunnel. Our EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE, NON-SLIP & LIGHTWEIGHT handle will make crocheting a breeze.
  • 💖 12 SET PERFECTLY SMOOTH HOOKS W/ FREE YARN NEEDLES: Allow yarns to glide effortlessly and prevent splitting makes crocheting a lot faster and producing clean finish. Blunt Large Eye Yarn needles are perfect compliment to finish off your project. 3 different sizes for your preference. Currently improved.
  • 💖 LONGEST SHAFT & PERFECTLY SMOOTH HOOKS: 2.0 in for the larger sizes and 1.75 in for the smaller sizes which we strategically designed because bigger sizes hooks uses bulky yarns. Thus it gives yarn extra space when the pattern calls for more than 3 loops. Smooth hooks allow yarns to glide effortlessly.
  • 💖 NON-SLIP, LIGHTWEIGHT & FUN COLORS: Perfect for Amigurumi Crocheting. No matter how tight your projects need to be, the grips will not slip and are very comfortable to use for extended periods and will hold up against serious pull. Unique colors (dare to compare to all others), make finding the right hook just a little easier.


Introducing our NEW Crochet Set! Now comes with a new size, 6.5mm!

Our Set contains of 12 crochet hooks with smooth finish and soft grip ergonomic handles.


- 12 Crochet Hooks, Sizes 2mm/ 2.5mm/ 3mm/ 3.5mm/ 4mm/ 4.5mm/ 5mm/ 5.5mm/ 6mm/ 6.5mm/ 7.0mm/ 8.0mm
- Improved and longer aluminum hooks compared to traditional brand.
- Smooth and allows yarn to glide freely.
- Longer shaft to allow more loops when crocheting different patterns.
- Sharper point to allow easy insert to stitches.
- Deep throat avoid yarns from slipping off the hooks.
- Wide Flat Thumb Rest (front & back) to avoid hand pressure, thus making crocheting an ease.

EXCELLENT QUALITY & BEST PRICE GUARANTEE - Athena's Elements Crochet Hooks are high quality with smooth surface that allows the yarn to glide freely. The hook tip is pointy and sharp so it is easier to get into the stitch, and the throat of the crochet hook is deep enough that the yarn or thread doesn't slip off the hooks.

EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE - These Crochet Hooks are amazingly comfortable. It is a perfect crochet hooks for people with arthritic hands because it alleviates carpal tunnel pain while crocheting, allowing them to crochet longer without experiencing pain. It is perfect for everyone who holds crochet hooks tightly, or just to everyone who wants to crochet comfortably.

RISK FREE GUARANTEE - As a Military Spouse Family owned business, we strive to provide top-notch customer service, world-class products, and cutting-edge designs. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you are not happy with our products, simply return the item and get your money back. We understand the importance of hassle-free returns and pledges to make the process as smooth as possible. Try us and you'll never regret it!

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