Ruvanti-4 Piece Professional Stainless Steel Tweezer Set - Eyebrow Tweezer, Slant tip, Pointed & Straight Best Precision Tweezers for Facial & Ingrown Hairs, Splinter & Hair Removal Tweezer (Black)

Ruvanti-4 Piece Professional Stainless Steel Tweezer Set - Eyebrow Tweezer, Slant tip, Pointed & Straight Best Precision Tweezers for Facial & Ingrown Hairs, Splinter & Hair Removal Tweezer (Black)

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  • ? STRESS FREE & HEALTHY BEAUTY HABIT: Do not fall prey into others cheap color coated generic tweezers in the market made by low grade steel and painted by hazardous dyes and chemicals which may cause allergy to the Skin. We are manufacturing tweezers from previous 25 years and our high quality stainless steel is a class of its own. To add further strength into these beauty gadgets; dyes and chemicals used in coatings are completely non-allergic and long tested for human skin
  • ? GUARANTEED SMOOTH & CLEARER BEAUTIFUL SKIN: Say bye bye to your irritating unwanted hairs with these precision tweezers. Manufactured with premium quality cobalt alloy surgical grade stain less steel and designed with a slip free and sleek design Ruvanti's tweezers are a perfect beauty set for her or him. You will notice a dramatic difference in performance compared to other low-quality tweezers.
  • ? PRECISELY PLUCK HAIR ON FIRST TRY: Our tweezers have carefully aligned tips for best precision. These hand sharp tips help you to pluck unwanted facial, chin, mustache, lash, sideburn, nose, ear, underarm, leg, feet, genital, ingrown, mini, & pubic hair. Also, a fantastic beauty tool to shape eyebrows remove unnecessary eyebrow hairs, underbody hairs and even the smallest individual hair effortlessly without having to worry about your tweezers slipping out of your hands.
  • ? MINIMAL GROOMING TIME: Unlike other cheap tweezers, Ruvanti's professionally designed premium quality tweezers do not cut, split, break or damage the unwanted hairs forcing you to pull at the same hairs over and over again. These have perfectly calibrated tension which will helps you in getting rid of unwanted hairs by applying minimum hand pressure in shortest possible time.
  • ? BUILD TO Last: Coated with high quality coating material which helps to improve the surface properties, corrosion resistance and reduces friction for longer-lasting use. These tweezers provide extreme thin and fine filed precision tips for even more control than ever and can also be used to remove small pieces of glass, tick, wood, craft, splinters, and tiny foreign objects from your skin and eyelash extensions!


Cheap Quality Tweezers Will Not Give You the Shape You Want & Also Health Safety St&ards You Deserve

Keep in mind Cheap quality tweezers that rust, break or bend almost straight out of the gate are just a waste of money & will probably only end up damaging or irritating your skin. Ruvanti's tweezers have a long tale history of 25 years which enable us optimizing our products quality & hygienic st&ards to next levels which not only tweezer with high quality & precision but is also completely safe for skin

Package Includes

Classic/Flat Tip Tweezer- Perfect to pluck excess hairs with reduce pain, specifically designed to be use for trimming & shaping thick eyebrows
Slanted Tip Tweezer- Used to pluck the fine & short hair in angles may also be used for eyelid sticker application & hangnails
Pointed Tip Tweezer- Designed to pluck ingrown & tiny small grass splinters
Pointed Slant Tweezer- Designed specifically for eyelashes & eyelash extensions can also be used to shape eyebrows can also be used for removing facial hairs
Leather Pouch- On the Go convenient travel case appealing to both men, women, wife & girlfriends. Perfect Tweezers gift pouch set which can also be used in gym bag, h& purse, school bag & beauty box.

Pro Beauty Tips for Maximum Results

  • Take shower before tweeze as showering would help softening your hairs & opening the tight skin pores
  • Softly & gently pull hairs in the direction of their growth
  • Step back periodically from magnifying mirror so that you would not over pluck

100% Money Back Gurantee & 24/7 Technical Support

We know you're going to love our Tweezers. Buy with confidence our tweezers are covered under Amazon's policy of 100% Money Back Guarantee. Serving thous&s of customers each day we take great pride in providing high quality 24/7 after sales technical support to our customers round the globe.

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