Sims 3 - pre-order and get FREE delivery!


Pre-order Sims 3 now, and get Free delivery!

Once again, we're bringing you the scoop before anyone else.

Sims 3 will be released on 2 June '09. Best of all, if you pre-order here, you will receive free delivery to your door.

Want to know more about his game? Click here for complete specs and game description.

The latest edition allows complete customization, from your Sims appearance to your Sims wants and needs and emotions. Players can now negatively and positively influence their creations, based on their personality and traits. Sim personalities can now be classified as Good or evil, Romantic, paranoid or even kleptomaniacs. In previous versions of the game, personality customization was based on a slide scale, with options like sloppy-to-neat and athletic-to-lazy. Star sign personality descriptors could also be allocated. This time you’ll actually be able to choose up to 5 character traits from a pool. Careers can still be built, and parties can still be thrown. Absolutely everything can be customized. The possibilities are endless.




Date Added: 29 Apr 2009 13:13:14

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