Twilight - New Moon Score

Alexendre Desplat composes New Moon Score 

French born composer with self-professed interest in African and South American music, Alexendre Desplat was asked by director Chris Weitz to compose the score to the second installment in the Twilight Saga’s film adaptation New Moon. The first film saw Carter Burwell compose the score including the infamous Bella’s Lullabye, who was not asked to return.  

Desplat has composed the score for Weitz’s successful The Golden Compass film released in 2007. Working with his friend on this film helped ease the pressure that millions of die-hard fans can add to a film. “Chris Weitz was very protective and enthusiastic of the work. And I simply took it as another film project,” says Desplat. “I’d actually made that mistake before, thinking that what I was doing was going to turn into something massive, and it really derails your train of thought and puts too much pressure on you.”  

Having grown since then, the composer took the hype in his stride to create what follows The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Painted Veil. Academy Award nominee and winner of two World Soundtrack Awards, Desplat relies on the film for inspiration instead of imposing a score onto the film. “That’s what drives me; that’s what I like; that’s my life. The rest is just an accident. You get an award or you don’t get an award, who cares? But if you make a great film, it’s fantastic”  

Rendering fans jealous, the composer was given a copy of the film which he watched over and over until a motif or pattern emerged. Listen to Part 1 of the New Moon score here 

Date Added: 30 Nov 2009 06:47:46

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