Sony PlayStation will be a control freak

Rumours of Sony’s upcoming motion controller – like the Wii-mote – have been confirmed as being dubbed the PlayStation Arc now that the company has registered A recent article by BBC, indicates that the new device will drop between September and December this year, with ready-to-play software.  

While video game developers strive tirelessly to make games more realistic, the controller is a constant reminder of the game being just that. Microsoft and PlayStation however, are tending to this problem by developing motion-control systems which use video cameras, microphones and sensors for player and console interface. Such a system will overtake Nintendo’s Wii-mote and wand which still requires that the player press buttons.  

Motion detection, such as that being used by the game developers, will see users interact with the video games without a device. Kicking and jumping may be detected via motion sensors, making games even more realistic. Yet much is being kept under wraps about those developments. 

What Sony has announced is the wireless wand-like device, whose motion is tracked by a camera connected to the PS3 console. The Arc will be able to used as required – whether it be a sword, tennis racquet or arm.  

The device too is being kept quiet until its Christmas release, so everything until then will be speculation and rumour. Pictures of the device can be seen on T3’s site .  

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Date Added: 02 Feb 2010 16:26:47

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