Adobe launch CS5 amid Apple debate

Adobe launch CS5 amid Apple debate

Amidst the brawl between Adobe and Apple, the software developer launched their latest Creative Suite, CS5, which comes complete with its usual borad range of image and video editing programs (Photoshop, Photoshop Extended, Premiere Pro) and Flash application creation.

New to the package though is the Flash Catalyst which enables beginner designers to convert application mock-ups created in Illustrator into a Flash app. Like all the other CSs, Adobe have packaged CS5 according to the different market segments, while also offering individual programs in a range of colours and high prices. The Adobe team hope to inspire upgrades with the new abilities and time saving techniques on this edition.

Photoshop CS5, for example, comes with a new tool that enables you to select complex subjects. Adobe though suffered a blow when Apple decided to block the Flash Pro’s main feature, namely the ability to convert Flash applications into native iPhone apps.

After that announcement by Apple, Adobe decided to stop the development of that feature, which will probably stunt their sales. This was followed by Adobe founders online letter subtly claiming that Apple’s closed software system would see the death of innovative programing, to which Steve Jobs replied by overtly calling Flash “yesterday’s technology”.

While Adobe complain about Apple not including Flash features in their hardware, Jobs pointed out that Adobe were the last major third-party developer to adopt Mac OS X. It looks like Adobe’s response to Apple is a lot like the pot calling the kettle black.

Adobe Creative Suite 5 is available on WantItAll.