Blendtec is more powerful than Chuck Norris

Blendtec is more powerful than Chuck Norris

Remember when YouTube was only used to make toddlers famous? We miss those days. Viral marketing campaigns now sell blenders. Awesome. Tom Dickson, founder of Blendtec, runs the Will it Blend? show on YouTube where he shows how powerful his blenders are by blending… well, golf balls and the iPad.

Yeah. Dickson blended his iPad, which was painful to watch but also pretty awesome, because the Blendtec Total Blender actually ground the iPad into iDust, which looks a lot like the iPhone’s iDust. After blending a box of matches, Blendtec founder started his viral campaign which has skyrocketed to the internet wall of fame with the likes of Paul Potts.

By blending items that were once thought of as not being ‘blendable’, Dickson shows how powerful his blender really is to promote sales. If it can take on hockey pucks, it can definitely do ice and avocado. Along with items unsafe to blend at home, the site Will it Blend comes with some basic blending recipes that are safe for the home.

The Blendtec YouTube channel has received almost five million views, and inspired spin-off merchandise: tee-shirts which sport the slogan “Tom Dickson is my Homeboy”. Dickson has also made it onto Jay Leno and NBC’s The Tonight Show and YouTube Live.

The videos are presented by Blendtec founder and are replete with warnings such as “Do not do this to your iPad!” and “Do not try this at home.” Among the list of electronic equipment, tins and sporting goods, Dickson blends food such as half chickens and coke which are, like the iPhone, unsafe to eat because of the blended chicken bones.

Since the first show in October 2006, Dickson has blended Grand Theft Auto, a crowbar, some Ford Fiesta and Chuck Norris. That’s right. Blendtec’s hp3a 1500 Watt Power Blender is more powerful than Chuck Norris (, and is available from WantItAll.

Date Added: 07 May 2010 09:14:26

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