HTC Droid Incredible iPhone’s toughest competitor to date?

HTC Droid Incredible iPhone’s toughest competitor to date?

Rumour has it that the new HTC Droid Incredible may destroy the iPhone. The latest from the smartphone developer continues to make use of the Google operating system Android, which has recently been said to surpass the iPhone OS. Ironically though, the HTC Droid looks and feels a lot more like the iPhone.

What differentiates it from the thin touch screen that is the iPhone, is the slide out QWERTY keyboard: adding to its size and weight. The keyboard does eliminate the somewhat awkward functionality of the iPhone. The Droid Incredible also has four directional buttons for navigation, unlike the iPhone’s single button.

The OS runs well on the device, loading fast with consistent navigation and a well choreographed touch screen functions. According to reviewers, this is the first HTC device to handle the power of the Google OS.

Similar setup to the United States cellular network, iPhone is limited to one provider. Although the Droid may in fact be Incredible, it’s the service from Vodacom that will push iPhone users to give up their Apple device for one very similar on other networks.

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