Sony to bring the World Cup™ in 3D to the world

Sony to bring the World Cup™ in 3D to the world

Haven’t had a chance to get Fifa World Cup™ tickets? Sony may make going to the match obsolete with the launch of their “Sony 3D experience” where they bring football to life in 3D. The Sony pavilions to be set up in seven countries around the world, including South Africa, will have on display the world according to Sony: “3D world Created by Sony”.

For the first time, visitors to the pavilions will be able to watch highlights of 25 matches filmed during the 2010 World Cup™ in 3D. The Sony 3D experience will appear at Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton, Johannesburg, and three of the stadia including Soccer City, Durban, and Cape Town. Berlin, Mexico City, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, and Sydney will also be able to experience the 2010 World Cup™ in the third dimension.

The pavilions will open on the 11th June and run until the end of the World Cup™ in July, except for the Sandton pavilion which will be open from the 9th of June. Music videos of Shakira, Freshlyground and others can also be seen in 3D. And all this from a company that denied rumours that they were working on 3D home entertainment technology.

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