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The internet offers a great many tempting distractions for kids you'd wish were using that computer to do their homework. Especially networking sites such as Facebook and online gaming platforms seem to be a time consuming and highly addictive pastime. But the internet can also be incredibly helpful when it comes to doing research for essays, finding books and other resources, etc. Educational programs in schools are also using a more playful ways of teaching and posing questions, and similarly online games can be - and are - used for educational purposes as well.
For instance, has, in cooperation with, set up a page full of informative quizzes, role-playing, and other sorts of games about HIV/AIDS awareness. And there are many more opportunities to create online games that are educational and engage learners. At we have sections with fun geography games, where you can study all kinds of world maps and answer questions about them, chemistry games in which you can study and learn the periodic table of elements by heart, challenging games in which your spelling skills are tested, and even literature-related games such as puzzles based on the novels of Jules Verne, or the NES version of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, which every school pupil and student who has read or is reading the novel will get a huge kick out of.
These are just a couple of examples of how fun education games, games that are just as engaging and addictive as any other internet flash game, can be informative and rewarding at the same time, and may even help when it comes to passing that difficult topography test, or cramming facts for that chemistry exam. So head over to and check out our topography page, our chemistry page, and more!
Date Added: 17 Mar 2011 18:14:07

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