More Than Hope: For Young Children On The Autism Spectrum

More Than Hope: For Young Children On The Autism Spectrum

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More Than Hope, For Young Children On The Autism Spectrum describes powerful intervention strategies to change areas of early child development most impacted by autism. With the specialized knowledge of Dr. Tanya Paparella, a leading expert with over 20 years of autism intervention and director of the UCLA childhood autism program, the book takes each significant area of development and explains why children with autism learn differently. It then provides step-by-step intervention strategies to develop communication, social interaction, and normal behavior. The teaching strategies are known to work, they are practical, and can be used in everyday activities. This book offers parents, care givers, and professionals the opportunity to do more than just hope for a child's successful future; it directly empowers them by providing critical knowledge and intervention tools towards long-lasting benefits for each child and their family. More Than Hope, For Young Children On The Autism Spectrum is easy to read, yet powerful in its simplicity and depth.

Why is this book unique?
· Parent friendly intervention strategies.
· Interventions target areas of specific difficulty in autism.
· Intervention in critical areas results in dramatic improvement.
· Incorporates intervention strategies as part of everyday activities.
· Efficiently targets core deficits - perfect for busy parents.
· Explains why each area is important, why a child is having difficulty, and exactly how to intervene.
· Content derived from cutting edge research distilled for parents by a specialist with over 20 years of autism experience and outstanding treatment results.
· Significantly reduces financial overheads incurred by specialist only intervention.

Book Features: Table of Contents, Illustrated, Appendix, Glossary, References, Resources
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