SMOKO Plush Toast Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Ryry)

SMOKO Plush Toast Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Ryry)


  • Dual function: holds tablets and high-quality powerful speaker
  • Wireless Blue Tooth connection
  • Fits virtually all tablets including iPad
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Available in four delicious flavors: Crisp, Butta, RyRy and Tato


Keep on working and playing and listening wirelessly with the ultimate in comfort food speakers, Plush Toast. Watch your favorite movie with all four of your favorite, fun characters: Crisp, Butta, RyRy, and Tato. Plush Toast is dual function. On their backs, Plush Toast clutches virtually all tablets including the iPad. Flip them over with its little feet or hands, and on their face -- surprise ... a powerful boom boom high definition wireless speaker connected via Blue Tooth. From Smoko so you know the Plush Toast is amazing quality. Tote it anywhere; it's rechargeable-lithium battery powered. Plush Toast just loves to keep you company on all kinds of household activities - Crisp, Butta, RyRy and Tato will keep you cuddly company while you're working and playing. Licensed exclusively to and manufactured by Smoko, famous for their plush, toasty toaster products, Plush Toast is high quality and authentic through and through! Squishable, cuddly Plush Toast is available at embraceable special introductory price. YUM!
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