Wicary One Pair Set of Sterling Silver Star and Moon Stud Earring

Wicary One Pair Set of Sterling Silver Star and Moon Stud Earring

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  • Shipping from USA,The delivery time is about 3-5 working days
  • Silver mini Star Moon Stud Earrings Size:MOON-0.8cm(0.315")*0.6cm(0.24"),STAR-0.7cm(0.28")
  • Quality and Special style-Highly polished, fine workmanship, platinum plated.You can wear it every day,don't hurt you!
  • Please kindly note the size, as details need the photo looks seem bigger than the fact.
  • Package:1 pair earring,1xgift box with Wicary Logo


Wicary is specialized of Sterling silver jewellry. We have our own brand.Every package with Wicary logo and Wicary labels.

Wicary jewellry-Confortable, fine workmanship, hypoallergenic,safe to wear.


So many customer are worried why silver jewelry will become yellow and black when they wore a period of time.
Please do not worry!
Silver Jewelry become black or yellow this is to remind you to pay attention to maintenance!


1, Laying up and not wear will turn black: Should use the bag or plastic wrap, or put into a jewelry box, to prevent oxidation.
2, Contact with acid or alkali acid-base things will turn black: Find the acid-base source, avoid to contact, if the jewelry suddenly discoloration,you should pay attention things you used this time, and be sure to stay away from cosmetics.
3, Personal physique, With high PH: The reason is most likely to become black on necklace, usually drink plenty of water, more detoxification, maintain a healthy body.
4,Long time wearing, to be dirty: Should often use a toothbrush clean it, if you clean it until the jewelry very dirty ,the effect will not very good.

A simple way of daily cleaning:

Squeeze some toothpaste on the toothbrush with a little water, Appropriate to rub till white bubbles. Washed with water to clean it,the jewelry will restore soon. When you wore it, you should clean it with silver cleaning cloth to stay bright.
Kindly Tips: silver cleaning cloth contained silver maintenance components, can not wash it.
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