Clean Revolution- Reusable Trigger Spray Bottle - Holds 14oz, Clear, Premium Adjustable Sprayer, BPA Free Tritan, Glass Like


  • NON-TOXIC + BIODEGRADEABLE + ECO-POWERFUL: For about half the price of other brands, Clean Revolution delivers premium, eco-friendly formulas made with ingredients sourced from EPA's Award Winning Safer Choice Program as well as luxurious fragrances derived from real essentials oils.
  • LESS WASTE, MORE CLEAN: Most cleaners are 90% water. Clean Revolution is different. Each Pod makes 6 bottles. Save money by adding your own water and cut plastic waste by 90%.
  • VERSATILE, POWERFUL FORMULA: PH Neutral formulas is safe for any surface where you can spray water. Break through grease, grime, food stains, soap scum and hard water spots. Also makes a great laundry pre-spotter and spot cleaner on carpets and fabric.
  • MORE SPACE, LESS HASSLE: Since one pod makes 6 bottles, you can say goodbye to pouring heavy, oversized, clunky refill jugs that take up storage space in your cabinets.


Did you know most cleaners are 90% water? Introducing Clean Revolution, a new line of eco-friendly cleaners by Amazon designed to deliver less waste and more clean by not making you buy water and plastic. Clean Revolution delivers a pod of concentrate that makes 6 bottles of premium, eco-powerful cleaner that attaches to a reusable bottle that you can fill with your own water. Clean Revolution formulas use ingredients sourced from EPA's Safer Choice Program as well as real essential oil fragrances. This simple change saves money, cuts plastic waste by 90% and makes the most of our planet's resources.
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