Hinterland Trading 3 Xerographicas, Small

Hinterland Trading 3 Xerographicas, Small


  • Does not deliver on Saturday, Sunday or Monday
  • Includes: 3 small Xerographica (5-7 inches)
  • Arrangement will live at least 50 times longer than a similarly priced cut flower arrangement with proper care
  • Easy care instructions included
  • Product shipped as a mature plant After arrival soak in water for 1 - 2 hours, let plant dry fully, then begin regular watering schedule


The Air Plant Xerographica (zero-grafika) is among the largest in the Air Plant family and is sometimes referred to as the King of the Air Plants. Xerographic as have elegant silvery gray leaves that begin broad and tapper taper to a point. The small Xerographica will ship between 5 and 7 inches wide. As the Xerographica settles into its new home and grows it can exceed a foot in width. Their rosette appearance makes them popular centerpieces. Their unique features and origins make them great conversation pieces. Air Plants (Tillandsia) get their common name from the fact they don't require soil. They are epiphytes, which attach to other plants or trees for support. Their roots are only used to anchor themselves and are normally removed during cultivation for aesthetics. They are not parasitic, instead they gather micro nutrients from the air and water in structures called trichomes on their leaves. As the plant dries the trichomes take on a white powder look. After watering the plant will return to a vibrant green. Air Plants must dry fully between watering because they are susceptible to rot if left wet to long. Xerographic as come from dry forests in higher elevations of Central America. They also make their home higher in the forest canopy than most Air Plants so they prefer a little more light and a little less water than others.
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