Cardboard Safari Recycled Cardboard Animal Taxidermy Bull Trophy Head, Toro White Large

Cardboard Safari Recycled Cardboard Animal Taxidermy Bull Trophy Head, Toro White Large

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  • Made In The USA - Proudly made In Charlottesville, Virginia by Cardboard Safari the designer and manufacturer of the original cardboard deer head, Bucky.
  • Environmentally Conscious - Made from 100% Sustainable Forestry Initiative Certified, responsibly sourced recycled cardboard
  • DIY Possibilities Are Endless -Construct as is, out of the box for a simple decorative piece or you can embellish the pieces with your favorite spray paint, glitter, sequins, gems or paper for a personal touch and artistic feel.
  • Laser Cut And Flat Packed - Makes for easy shipping and assembly using slotted construction. Detailed instructions are included with each product. Dimensions (DWH): 16.75" d X 19.75" w X 21" h in
  • Product questions or suggestions for Cardboard Safari? We'd love to hear from you Call 877-895-9453 or via email at


Description: Bulls have held a place of significance in human culture since before the beginning of recorded history. They appear in cave paintings estimated to be up to 17,000 years old. The mythic Bull of the Heavens plays a role in the ancient Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, dating as far back as 2150 BC. The importance of the bull is reflected in its appearance in the zodiac as Taurus, and its numerous appearances in mythology, where it is often associated with fertility. See also Korban. In Hinduism, a bull named Nandi, usually depicted seated, is worshipped as the vehicle of the god Shiva and depicted on many of the images of that God. Symbolically, the bull appears commonly in heraldry, and, in modern times, as a mascot for both amateur and professional sports teams.

Cardboard Safari: Based in the Blue Ridge mountains in Charlottesville, Virginia; inspired by the landscape that surrounds them. They celebrate the union of art and technology, joining imagination and fabrication to make beautiful sculptural forms for your home. Their goal is to make unique art; fun products that foster an appreciation for the natural world. Creativity, conservation, and collaboration are paramount to their mission.


Cardboard is flammable, keep away from open flames and hot lights.  Cardboard edges are sharp, handle with care.
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