Hills Rotary 7 Clothesline, Forest Glade

Hills Rotary 7 Clothesline, Forest Glade


  • Medium size removable clothes hoist - 7 lines
  • 154ft (47m) ofline holds a large family wash, including queen size sheets
  • Strong and reliable - 10 year guarantee
  • Self-retracting line retainer and smooth folding action - intuitive latch design
  • Assembled, pre-wired and ready to install

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Welcome to the wonderful line of Hills Brand clotheslines. Hills is known internationally for quality and durability, and their clotheslines are now readily available here in America. The Rotary 7 is our medium rotary (Hoist) in Forest Glade (Green). Latch and secure the arms in place and use the handle to raise the lines up an additional 18 inches. Once fully raised the Rotary will catch the breeze and spin in the wind while gently drying your laundry. The finely engineered lines are individually strung so there is no fear of a line breaking and having to restring the entire rotary. Hang sheets of any size easily, quilts and comforters without a problem. This fabulous folding line hoist holds a large amount of clothes (up to three loads of laundry) and linens, (enough room for bed sheets and comforter) with a total line length of 151ft. (46m) Smooth folding action - intuitive latch design. Head diameter is a full 12.1ft (3.7m), allow 3.3 ft (1m) clearance. Assembled, pre-wired and ready to install. Each rotary comes with a ground socket that is easily set into the ground with gravel and cement. A set of spacers to raise the height of your rotary, if needed. A ground socket cap to be used if you remove the unit and complete instructions. 10 year guarantee against defects. Line drying reduces your energy costs and extends the life of your clothing. "Line dry and save our sky!"
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