Near & Deer Miniature Wall Mount, 8 Pt. Taxidermy Faux Art Deer Head, Wall Mount Animal Decorations - Metallic Gold with Matching Antlers

Near & Deer Miniature Wall Mount, 8 Pt. Taxidermy Faux Art Deer Head, Wall Mount Animal Decorations - Metallic Gold with Matching Antlers

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  • WELL MATCHED WALL DECOR - From vivid hues to subtle pastels, Near and Deer's versatility means our faux deer head can match most living spaces.
  • COMPACT CREATURES - The strong profile of a buck is protected when we ship. Antlers arrive as a separate piece, with L and R scrawled on for setting within the socket.
  • ARTISTICALLY CRAFTED - Each deer mount gets a special touch of the brush. Quality work makes for a unique piece of deer head cabin decor. Hand painted and made to order from our studio in Stewartstown, PA.
  • FAST-MOVING BOXES - Wild creatures can't be tamed, so our team makes efficient work of packaging and shipping your item. Your faux taxidermy product is ready to hit that dusty trail!
  • CRUELTY-FREE DEER DECOR - Polyresin creates the form of a realistic deer, perfect for a summer camp cabin, lodge, or mountain rustic theme. Achieve the animal aesthetic, with environmental consciousness.


Sometimes the best laid plans are made of gold...

With the right wallpaper or wall color scheme, one can get a bit of realism with the sculpted form of an antlered deer. The neck, ears and muzzle area have a feathered appearance within the resin form. Although it's bite sized compared to our 8 and 14 point deer, this little guy makes a huge impact and adds an industrial twist to our favorite woodland creature. Doused with the dramatic sheen of our metallic gold resin paint, even subtle shadows can offer dimension, with matching antlers. For a touch of woodland wonder, this deer head will perfectly complement a simple living room setup, a luxe family room or your cabin in the mountains.


  1. The wall mount has a small keyhole on the back for easy mounting. Hang your head with the keyhole on a strong screw (not included).
  2. Although our mounts are light in weight, please do not hang it directly above a bed or baby crib.
  3. This item comes with the antlers separate from the the head. It is easier and safer to glue the antlers into the head before hanging them. This is especially true in high traffic areas. Antlers horns are labeled "L" for "Left" and "R" for "Right".)
  4. We suggest super glue, namely Loctite Superglue Gel Control for a strong bond (Please note that this is not included with your product.)
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