Wall Mounted Bottle Opener by CHEERS, Brushed Stainless Steel with Free Mounting Screws. Classic Vintage Wall Beer Bottle Openers

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener by CHEERS, Brushed Stainless Steel with Free Mounting Screws. Classic Vintage Wall Beer Bottle Openers

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  • LOVE IT. This is highest rated bottle opener reviewed by the greatest people on earth. Your Welcome.
  • CLASSY DESIGN is lady approved enough to be snuck into the kitchen without being accused of having a drinking problem.
  • ACTUALLY WORKS. Open bottles like a ninja with one hand so you don't have to limply fiddle around and end up spraying all over yourself in front of everybody. Your friends will think your total badass.
  • SCREWS INCLUDED FOR FREE so you don't have to run to the hardware store for 2 screws. Don't be that guy.
  • DURABLE like the American spirit. Brushed Stainless Steel for a lifetime of good times.

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Take back your happy hour with the Cheers bottle opener.

You'll feel like Batman, if he was a Jedi Wizard,
the first time you effortlessly slip the top off a beer.

Now, not every wall bottle opener is created equal.

Those cheap knockoffs look similar, but as soon as your father-in-law comes over,
you'll be blindly fumbling under the counter, like a teenager humiliating himself trying to undo a bra for the first time.

With the Cheers bottle opener you'll nonchalantly open your friend's beer
like James Bond walking away from an explosion without looking.

Your friends will feel like they just watched Jordan dunk from the 3 point line.

Your wife and her friends will just keep handing you beers to open,
quietly commenting to themselves on how strong your hands must be.

Everything will feel easier.

You'll listen to your coworkers and friends vent their frustrations,
and quietly nod with a knowing smile, remembering long ago when you use to feel that helpess.

Cheers to a lifetime of good times,
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