Yank Me Candle Old Man's Ball's Funny Candles

Yank Me Candle Old Man's Ball's Funny Candles

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  • Order By December 21st for Christmas Delivery!
  • Great Smelling 100% Soy Candle! Scent is lovely Lavender!
  • 50% of all Profits Go Directly to Animal Shelters
  • Hilariously Funny USEFUL Gag Gift
  • Funny Candle, Great Birthday Gift, White Elephant Christmas Gift, Funny Gift,


Buy 2 or more candles and get FREE SHIPPING! Order 1 or more Yank Me Candle candles and get our standard T-Shirt for FREE! Order 3 or more Yank Me Candle Candles and get an automatic upgrade to our deluxe full color printed T-shirt for FREE! Make sure to leave comment on sizes preferred! 100% Soy Candles. Would you really want to see 2 saggy balls to his knees? Real candle scent is Lavender. Here is the catch! These are obviously gag gift candles BUT they are GOOD scented normal candles you can burn and enjoy. As you open the lid you notice inside is a disc inserted inside the jar. This is a funny smelling BAD scented disc. So when opening the jar REMOVE our patent pending smelly disc and then you can then burn and enjoy the normal candle. Who would want to smell a stinky scented candle....right? These are great for birthday gifts, gag gifts, white elephant gifts, funny gifts, anniversary present, graduation present, as a prank gift, for any occasion gift. These funny named jar candles make for a unique gift for men or women.
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