Pond Turtle Shell (7 - 8 inches) (Natural Bone Quality A) Red Eared Slider Real Turtle Shell - Genuine - Authentic

Pond Turtle Shell (7 - 8 inches) (Natural Bone Quality A) Red Eared Slider Real Turtle Shell - Genuine - Authentic

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  • Huge 7 inch - 8 inch Genuine Red Eared Slider Pond Turtle Shell
  • Packed in Nautical Beach Decor branded bag and then BOXED for added protection.
  • Absolutely beautiful shell!


The turtle, considered the oldest of the living reptiles, first evolved around 200 million years ago. Today, species of aquatic turtles can be found World Wide with the exception of Antarctica. The term "pond turtle" or terrapin, generally applies to those species that dwell in freshwater rivers, lakes, marshes and ponds. The pond turtle, like all species of turtle, have a modified skeletal structure that includes a boney carapace, or shell, for protection. This is a 7 inch to 8 inch red eared slider real turtle shell that is absolutely stunning. NOTE: This is a NATURAL product and there is some variation in the exact coloring and patterns in the shell. You will receive a shell similar to the example photo of one of these beautiful turtle shells. The shells of the red eared slider turtle are used in Native American crafts.The red eared slider is a cold-blooded animal and will usually be found during the day sitting in the sun on a rock, log, or any stumps that are near the water. Some red eared sliders can even be found up to three high basking in the sun. While the red eared slider is very hard of hearing they are sensitive to vibration they are very alert while they are basking. These vibrations allow the red eared slider the time to make their hasty retreat into the water if they feel threatened in any way.
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