Into the Unknown with Josh Bernstein (4 DVD Set)

Into the Unknown with Josh Bernstein (4 DVD Set)


Join international explorer Josh Bernstein as he travels the world on epic quests for knowledge and discovery. Inspired by deep mysteries and burning questions, take a series of unforgettable journeys into the unknown and investigate some of the world's greatest mysteries and most fascinating stories. From whether Noah and his Ark really existed to whether Timbuktu was truly a City of Gold no location is too remote, no culture is too exotic, and no goal is too ambitious.

Search for Noah's Ark
For thousands of years the story of Noah's Ark and the great flood has been passed down the generations. But did the flood of Genesis really happen? Josh Bernstein investigates a compelling new theory about the truth behind this extraordinary story.

The Secret Life of Gladiators
Josh Bernstein is on a quest to uncover the true story of the Gladiator. Participants in history's most deadly sport, Hollywood has glorified these men on the big screen - but how does the movie portrayal differ from the reality?
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