Exinoz Power Cable for Roku Streaming Stick. Roku Cable Designed to Power Your Roku Streaming Stick from Your TV USB Port. (Roku 3500R)

Exinoz Power Cable for Roku Streaming Stick. Roku Cable Designed to Power Your Roku Streaming Stick from Your TV USB Port. (Roku 3500R)

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  • ? Clean and Simple Solution - Exinoz Power Cable for Roku will allow you to neatly and conveniently organize your TV area by eliminating the need to find an additional AC outlet for power supply to plug in the Roku Charger.
  • ? An Extra Touch of Safety - By Powering your Roku 3500R directly from your TV's USB port, you can remove the cable clutter in your living room and reduce the risk of your pet chewing on cables or trip and slip hazards.
  • ? Ideal Cable Length - We have designed our cable with just the perfect length to replace the huge factory 1.5m cable that comes with your Roku. At about 20 cm, the perfect range, you will be able to easily install your device, while maximising the cable's hidden-from-view effect.
  • ? Superior Quality and Universal - We design our cables with the simple goal in mind to allow you to make the most out of your favourite devices. All of our cables are premium, high performance and designed with exceptional attention to detail. This universal and versatile cable is compatible with many streaming devices and Android mobile phones.
  • ? Buy with Confidence from Industry Leaders! - We have no doubt you will absolutely love your EXINOZ Power Cable. If for whatever reason you're not 100% happy with your purchase we've got your back with a 1 Year Replacement Warranty. (Note: Roku device is NOT included)


Clean and Elegant USB Cable for Powering Your Roku

Is your TV positioned in a narrow space or close to a wall? Is your Roku cable connector bent unnaturally and difficult to reach? Don't generate more clutter with the HUGE 1.5m USB cable which is included with Roku. At about 20cm, this USB Cable is the ideal length to power your Roku Plus Streaming Stick (HDMI) Player from the TV USB Port.

Stream like you should!
Go wireless now! You can power your Roku Streaming stick directly from USB port on your TV! That means no more messy long electronics cables, with it's small, yet efficient cord designed for charging from your TV.

Built For Your Roku Streaming Stick
Our convenient USB Power Cable connects your Roku to your TV's USB port. Our 90 degree connector is designed to minimize the length of cable required to connect your Roku to your TV which reduces the amount of clutter behind your TV.

Premium Grade Cable
Your Exinoz cable works with 4K video streaming apps and is engineered to support the highest demand Ultra HD content. All you have to do is make sure you have a TV USB port powerful enough to handle the workload - the rest you can leave to us.

Watch What You Want Where You Want It
With our best-selling cable you will be able to watch your favorite channels with ease, stream and see what is on the internet and YouTube to listen to music anytime. You can take your remote, point to your flat screen and put on ESPN, NBC or watch some Thursday night football on your television extremely quickly just by pressing a button. Even if you are traveling to a different country, you won't need an AC adapter for your power anymore.

Purchase with Confidence from the World of EXINOZ.
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