Sengu SG-SR52-N Handmade Hi-fi Bamboo Portable Multifunctional Mini Card Speakers

Sengu SG-SR52-N Handmade Hi-fi Bamboo Portable Multifunctional Mini Card Speakers

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  • Simple and user-friendly design, easy operation, elegant appearance, and environmentally friendly material.
  • Powerful signal revivification, low power consumption, and power-saving design with AB and D audio power amplifier; High-class, antimagnetic, and anti-interference loudspeaker unit.
  • The lithium battery used is environmentally friendly and rechargeable with high energy conversion.
  • Music mode can be swithed among different music types: normal, POP, ROCK, JAZZ, CLASSIC, and COUNTRY, providing you with the best music effect.
  • Adopting electronic frequency 2.0 stereo design, can better display the high, middle and low voice, able to perform strong bass, rich median and high pitch.


Introdution of Product
The products are commonly known as small portable multimedia card speakers, compatible with USB, MP3, MP4, IPAD, TF card, and other devices with MP3 format and WAV format music. It can play music via audio cables connected to the computer. When the product is not connected to any storage device, it automatically enters into the radio mode; When connected to USB and TF card, it will play U disc music in priority, and then play the TF card music.
1. Compatible external multiple digital audio equipment.
2.Integrated FM radio, configured with radio antenna, radio display is much clear and the radio is with Memory frequency function.
3.Support with MP3, USB, TF card; can be contacted with computer, mobile, MP3, MP4, MP5, IPAD and other audio equipments.
Technical Parameters
Output power: RMS 3W*2(RMS)
Signal to noise ratio: =85db
Frequency effects: 100Hz-18Khz
Rated voltage: 3.7V/800mA
Loudspeaker unit: 52mm 4n3W
1. Please do not keep the product in high temperature and wet environment. Please keep it out of rain, and store in low temputerature and dry cool place.
2. If some metal or liquid spill over the speaker accidentlly, you should turn off the power button at once. It can be used after being checked by professional repairer.
3. When you do not use the speaker, please turn off the electronic power. When the power is not fulfilled, you should charge the speaker in time. Charging time should not last too long to ensure the battery life.
4. If some parts need to be changed, please select same model, so as not to cause problems alerted by the different models usage inside.
Package Include:
1pc Speaker/1 pc cable/1 pc remote controller/1 pc lithium battery/1 pc Manual
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