NELSON, 12 inch Adorable Stuffed Bear by Dimpel

NELSON, 12 inch Adorable Stuffed Bear by Dimpel

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  • Cuddly stuffed animal.
  • Charmingly soft bear, adorable, plush toy, plush animal.
  • High quality, adored by young and older children alike.
  • Durable and machine washable.
  • Other sizes available, search Amazon for "Dimpel NELSON"


If ever there was a bear that epitomizes a couch potato, NELSON is IT! He sits all by himself - albeit with a serious slouch. This huggable guy, has HUGE feet, complete with foot pad details, and a nose as big as his heart! Surely, a friend forever. There are 3 sizes of NELSON available (12, 16 and 22 inches long, and 10, 12 and 14 inch sitting height, respectively). Offered here is the 12 inch long, 10 inch sitting height bear, the smallest pictured, in a beige-grey color with a cream-white tummy.

Dimpel luxury, plush animals have set the standard in European quality for years. These wonderful creations have been loved in Europe, and we are so thrilled to import them to the US, and offer them on Each charming animal is designed in Belgium, and is irresistibly soft and huggable. These wonderful toys will be loved by all and cherished for many years to come.

Dimpel is an original Belgian brand name for stuffed toys with years of experience in design and creation. The name Dimpel is a compound of "DIM" taken from the company's parent name "DIMA", and "PEL" is a part of the French word for stuffed toy "PELUCHE". The company DIMA has existed for more than 50 years founded and established by Mrs. Maria-Louise Hendrickx in 1959. Dimpel aims for continuous exclusivity, originality and perfection. All stuffed toys undergo and pass CE safety testing.

Dimpel creations are long lasting and machine washable for newly born and older!

Care instructions: Machine wash in a full machine on delicate/gentle cycle with lukewarm water temperature. Use a laundry net and very small amount of mild soap for delicate textiles, no fabric softener. Machine dry briefly with cold air setting, which will dry most effectively when fully filled. Further allow to air dry.
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