Niuniu Daddy 30'' Plush Panda Stuffed Animal Toy

Niuniu Daddy 30'' Plush Panda Stuffed Animal Toy

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  • Compared with ordinary plush fabrics, we have used better velvet elastic fabric. The elasticity of the upgraded fabric has improved 80% compared with that of ordinary plush toys. The increase in elasticity makes its shape more simulative, which will not deform when you press and hug it. Even after compression, it will soon rebound. This is exactly the user experience that Niuniu Daddy seeks, and only after having it can you understand its comfortableness.
  • Its comfortableness is beyond words, and the touching experience is the most distinctive feature of this panda, which distinguishes it from other ordinary plush toys. And when you touch it for the first time, you'll be greatly shocked. This plush panda is like a cloud. When you hug him, it feels like hugging a marshmallow of love.
  • Compared to others we have had this is so much better than all of them. This is stuffed with hollow cotton, which is used as filling for cotton clothes. This panda is about 30 inches in height, it is made with extreme attention to detail. This is perfect for a gift, it is so nice and soft and just an overall excellent product.
  • This "Panda" is awesome. Very soft, cuddly, and adorable. It feels as if there is memory foam inside the panda. For toddlers or older it is a great gift or toy for. No fuzzies coming off, no choking hazards.
  • It will give you 100% soft touching experience, which is stimulation-free to skin, and when you touch its skin, it will give you unexpected comfortable hand feel.

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This plush panda is so incredibly soft!

It could even be used for everyone pictures because it's not scratchy or fluffy

It's very sleek just very soft as well.

It's huggable and squeezable.

It is super soft and super squishy.

He is perfect for kids and for adults.
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