Soft Bullet Targets - Magnetic or Self-Standing, Great for Nerf or Soft Pellet Guns (Multi - Pack of 6)

Soft Bullet Targets - Magnetic or Self-Standing, Great for Nerf or Soft Pellet Guns (Multi - Pack of 6)

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  • DURABLE: Soft but durable foam targets with magnetic bases.
  • MAGNETIC: Base magnets to attach Stykyt targets to a magnetic surface. They are strong enough to stick but will get knocked off with a decent shot.
  • SELF-STANDING: Can self-stand on a flat and stable surface with optional steel bases.
  • FUN GAMES: Start your set of patent-pending targets today and create your own unique combinations.
  • MULTI-PACK: Comes with 2 large targets (orange), 2 medium targets (red) and 2 small targets (yellow). Small, yellow targets are just over 4" tall and the larger orange targets are 6" tall


We created a soft but firm toy target that is durable enough to take a lot of shots, and as long as it is not placed in harm's way, the soft bullets and the targets should not cause any complications in your home. We recommend placement in open areas away from anything that can break. The targets can self-stand on a smooth surface but you have the ability to "stick it" wherever you want. They have been tried out in many different homes and on different types of metal. Note that aluminum is not a magnetic material and you will find that some materials are stronger than others. STYKYT does offer small steel bases that can be used in assisting with the setup of the challenges that you create.

There are a lot of ways you can use these Stykyt toy targets, but we started with a set of 6 that adds to 100 points. You can take the smaller targets and set them farther away to allow for some difficulty in getting the higher numbers. How many bullets to fire to hit them all? All 6 targets in 12 shots or less? Practice by yourself or challenge your siblings, friends and parents.
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