The Smurfs
In September the Smurfs movie is coming out. The movie is a combination of live action and 3D animation. In the movie, the evil wizard Gargamel, sworn enemy of all smurfs who always wants to capture them to either eat them or use them in a potion to create gold, chases the Smurfs out of their cute little toadstool village.  In order to escape Gargamel they have to jump through a magical portal, which takes the little blue creatures from their magical world right into our own world. Stranded in New York City, the Smurfs have to make their way out of Central Park and find their way back home before Gargamel catches up with them.

Are you a big fan of the Smurfs and the Smurfs cartoon series? Are you curious about the upcoming movie? Well, theres still some time to go until it comes out, so in the meanwhile why not head over to and try out some fun Smurf games? Here youll find a number of free online games featuring the cheerful little blue smurfs. Play a game of memory with Papa Smurf, dress up Smurfette in all kinds of different outfits, try to fix a car with Handy Smurf, and more! Go smurf it out now!

Date Added: 25 Aug 2011 06:54:17

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