Cubes are Square: Rubik’s sphere is the new black

Contrary to its predecessors, the Rubik’s 360 is no longer a cube, no longer solid and transparent. The undying puzzle game is now a collection of three transparent spheres consisting of six small multi-coloured plastic balls. Players must work the balls from the inner sphere into their matching (colour-coded) slots in the outer sphere by working them through the two holes in the inner sphere.  

Erno Rubik, Hungarian creator of the cube, defines the toy as an intellectual challenge that gives a sense of order to an uncertain world. While not necessarily as complicated or mathematical as order theory, the 360 requires more manual manipulation than the cube before it.  

The mechanism is best explained with this CGI video:

The 3D mechanical puzzle made it’s debut in February 2009 at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair as a precursor to its release in August. The Rubik’s 360 is available from WantItAll for only R333.00

Date Added: 30 Sep 2009 09:54:59

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