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How to take the perfect shot of holiday lights with your Canon Powershot 

While the Canon Powershot may not offer the “whizziest new features like interchangeable lens”  (, it’s stil perfect for capturing those holiday moments, including brightly lit houses in the dead black of night. News-Sentinel ( chief photographer Brian Tombaugh shows how to capture the perfectly decorated home on camera.  

to do this, you’ll need to a tripod to capture the picture at a slow shutter speed. Anything 1/60 of a second or slower will do. Make sure the tripod is on a flat, sturdy surface before capturing the moment.  

Try not to wait until it’s completely dark to take pictures of the pretty lights. It’s easier to set up the camera and tripod during the day and the last light of day adds depth to the picture showing off the house against the visible sky. The lights on the house also function as an accent to the house, says Tombaugh, so the house should be visible too.  

Don’t use a flash. That will wash out the lights and you’ll end up with a picture of your home as it would be any other time of the year. Best guesses for the average house are an aperture (or lens opening) of 5.6, with ISO set at 200. To adjust these settings you’ll have to switch your camera’s settings to manual. If you shoot from a distance, and want the lights to be in sharp focus, change the aperture to a higher number such as 8 or 11.  

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Date Added: 27 Dec 2009 18:55:17

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