Aussie star Peter Andre tries to win over Kim Kardashian

Aussie star Peter Andre tries to win over Kim Kardashian

After having partied with Kim Kardashian at the World Music Awards after-show party in Monaco, UK-born, Australian-raised singer Peter Andre claims she is the one for him, giving him added impetus to break his way into the American market. The singer, who is famous for his highly publicized marriage to model Katie Price (commonly known as Jordan), told an insider that “Kardashian is the one for him.”

Kardashian though denies rumours that she is Andre’s mystery girl, which he hopes to change by reportedly writing a song for the ex-Playboy model which he will perform with The Bee Gees legend Robin Gibb. Gibb and Andre met at a recent award ceremony along the French Riveria and have subsequently planned to collaborate the song.

The untitled track could be Andre’s way to crack his way into both America and Kardashian’s heart. The song had better be amazing to change the reality TV star’s mind, as she claims to not even have been in Monaco when the two were said to have met. She Tweeted shortly after the rumour: “Funny rumor - says I spent a hot night in Monaco w this guy...ummm I wasn't even in Monaco!"

The Aussie star might have to do more than write a song, especially to beat off Eenie Meenie Teen Bopper star Justin Bieber who recently claimed to have a crush on the same busty Kim.